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Guide to Good Vodka - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Guide to Good Vodka - Grey Goose vs. Smirnoff. If you haven't seen part 1 yet, read this first.

Now, try the same test with super premium, worth it's price Potato based Chopin - if you don't feel much more than alcohol its because that's exactly how vodka is supposed to be. Like a freshly washed and scrubbed Olivia Munn, clean and smooth. Some other well known vodkas that embrace this principal are Ketel One, Ciroc and Hanger 1.

The next thing to look for when picking a vodka is the percentage of alcohol it contains. Traditionally vodka ranges from 35-40% but the standard is 40%. Almost all straight vodkas are 40% or 80 proof. The way to determine the proof is to double the percentage of liquor.

When it comes to the ever popular field of flavored vodkas the proof shows you if the flavoring is added or if it has been infused. Infusing is a process in which the vodka is being completely saturated with the essence of whatever the fruit, herb or whatnot that is desired, thus keeping the liquor percent at a respectable 40. Some distilleries just add the flavor after the vodka is made and by doing so they drop the fun factor down to a lowly 35%.

So the next time you're looking over the ocean of flavored liquors try to make sure that yours is at least 80 proof. Great ones to try are the fantastic local Hanger vodkas. Our favorite has to be Hanger Raspberry which only comes out once a year.

Ultimately, what you put into your liver in some way defines who you are. To put it a different way, what kind of smurf do you smurfing want to be? Dopey who just follows the pack or Papa Smurf who lays it down each and every time?

Now get out there and get drunk because now you know - and to finish up on another eighties cartoon theme, "knowing is half the battle."

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