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Best SF Rooftop Bars - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Best SF Rooftop Bars. If you haven't seen part 1 yet, read this first.

Marines Memorial
609 Sutter Street

This is another undiscovered gem that sits high in might in sky and actually is about eye level to the Star Light lounge. As long as you don't mind being surrounded by shouts of "hoorah" and lots of male bonding, the drinks are cheap and plentiful, the view is stellar and the crowd is older but they can drink harder then you can. They say freedom isn't free, but buy these battle hardened group of vets a few rounds and you'll definitely help pay the price.

Hyatt Regency
5 Embarcadero Center

Forget the fact that this is another cheesy hotel bar, that its atrium is a hotbed of lost tourists confused about mystery bars in the tenderloin and focus on the fact that the top floor rotates. Focus on that, not the price of drinks, not even those patron poppers from down in the lobby - the bar actually rotates. For added bonus this is where Hitchcock filmed those crazy scenes in Vertigo. So Grab a martini and stage a cameo in your own blackout.

Top of The Mark
One Nob Hill (999 California St)

Go big or go home--that's the feeling at the top of the Mark. Whether you've just made a million in the tech sector or owe a ton on your student loans, this is the place to feel like the creme of the creme. Sure, everything costs more (a whole lot more), but that's what it takes to be at the top. Take a gander of the 100 Martinis List as you take in the sunset and enjoy the best views San Francisco has to offer.