The Top 10 Best Drinks You've Never Ordered - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of The Top 10 Best Drinks You've Never Ordered. If you haven't seen part 1 yet, read this first.

5. Pisco Sour - Pisco is an addictive South American brandy made of moscatel grapes. The drink consists of Pisco, lemon juice, sugar and ice. It's a simple drink that's simply divine.

4. French 75 - This drink is named for French artillery during World War 1. Consisting of Gin, Champagne, lemon, orange and marachino cherry,T it packs quite a punch.

3. Death in the Afternoon - Equal Parts Pernod and Champagne. After knocking back a few of these you'll know where it gets its name from.

2. Sazerac - The real deal, wormwood soaked, cut-your-ear-off-as-you-see-the-green-fairy-float-by kind of Absinthe which became legalized in October of 2007. To celebrate, order Sazerac - made with Absinthe, Rye Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Peychaud and Angostora bitters. This one will leave you hallucinating before you can say Van Gogh.

1. Martini - When did vermouth get such a bad rap? The original martini consisted of equal parts dry vermouth to and either vodka or gin. Next time you belly up don't fear the vermouth. If you order a martini dry or extra dry save yourself the trouble and just ask for ice cold booze of your choice served up. This is the refined way to drink, class ,sophistication and skewered olives to boot.

Next time your in a bar order one of these drinks with confidence and pride - who knows, maybe you'll start the next new trend.

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