Logan's Cocktail Guide - What to Order and When

So its happened to you before: you're in a packed club, it's four deep at the bar and you've just tried to order a banana daiquiri. The bartender looks at you, says no, and then moves on to someone else. You walk away distraught and drinkless and sulk back to the dance floor. Don't want that to happen to you again? Read on.

Here's a bare bones guide to help you avoid those faux pas and get a drink every time.
First and foremost: realize that there is a time and a place for everything. To a bartender, the more drinks he can make in the shortest time possible up his tips and his sales. When he gets slowed down, he's not happy, and he'll pass that down to you.
If you're in a super busy club, order something easy--nothing that contains more then two or three ingredients at most. These are drinks like Vodka/Gin Tonic, Rum and Coke, beer, simple shots, wine, martinis and margaritas. Don't ask the bartender to make you something special, unless you happen to be really, really good looking. Instead, go for things that are easy to pour and easy to order--drinks that are quick and fast that the bartender can bang out and keep going. Also keep in mind that there are other people waiting, so don't try to chat or flirt (again, unless you happen to be really, really good looking). Get your drink and go. If you like the bartender, wait till he/she isn't busy to get a number or a recipe. If you can pay with cash, do it.

If the bar isn't too crazy, meaning its less then two deep, feel free to order something like a mojito, or something off the specialty cocktail menu. The bartender has a little room to breathe and your drink options will expand.

When the bar is slow, then order your daiquiris or any other blended drinks. Take the time to pay attention to your surroundings, see what the other people are drinking. Maybe its a flaming drink or some elaborately garnished martini. When its slow, the sky is the limit.

For more on Logan's Cocktail Guide, check out part 2.

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