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Logan's Cocktail Guide - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Logan's Cocktail Guide. If you haven't seen part 1 yet, read this first.

Another few basic rules are :

Unless you see an espresso machine or a coffee pot behind the bar the last thing any bartender wants to do is leave the bar to get you a cup of coffee or a latte or even worse a hot water and lemon. A cantina is not Starbucks and we do not want to make your latte.

Rule of thumb should be to tip a dollar a drink. If you tip in anything less then paper money (i.e. quarters, nickels and dimes) be prepared not to be served again. If you can afford it or the service warrants it, tip $5 for two drinks. The better you tip the more you'll be remembered, a good tipper is a friend of the bar and is always the first to get their drinks. The same holds true for a lousy tipper. Leave a bad tip and the whole place will find you out and treat you accordingly. If you can't tip - don't go out.

Follow these easy steps and you'll get your drink on in no time. If all else fails, order a fernet for the bartender. Doors will open, drinks will be poured and you'll always get taken care of.

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