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SF Weekly's Artopia 2012

Rarely in this city does anyone get a second chance to live their dreams outside their day jobs. Case in point: when you're living in a city and you're driving yourself to make it, it's always a lot harder than it looks. Come take in the late-night and early-morning triumphs of some of SF Weekly's best artists of the past year, and party down with the best of the art scene at SF Weekly's 5th Annual Artopia event, happening this Thursday, February 16th at Public Works.

This event, started by SF Weekly and various sponsors, began in 2007 with one goal: to embrace and highlight some of the mindblowing artistic talent in SF. The nominees, who are so humbly dubbed as Masterminds, bring the best to the table when it comes to visual art, music, fashion, film, performing art and media. These lucky 10 will be whittled down to a mere three winners by the end of the night, who will hold the Mastermind title of 2012 as well as a generous grant from both your proceeds and sponsor dollars.

This year's nominees include a self-taught painter, a narcissistic media artist, a shamanic performance dancer, a hypnotic singer, a daring filmmaker, a wine photographer, an Icelandic illustrator, a public interactive artist, a biblical painter and an experimental outdoor dance troupe. Based on their descriptions alone, this is an exhibition that you will have to see to believe. Tickets are only $20, which include a seat at the awards ceremony, drinks from the hosted bar, live performances, a collaborative art project and a donation to funding the artist grants. Somehow, charity has never sounded so chic.

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