Bar Thirteen - Downtown Los Angeles
Bar Thirteen in DTLA

Going up to the thirteenth floor of any building has always been a dubious affair. Now, the thirteenth floor of the Pershing Square Building in Downtown Los Angeles has become a haven for those looking for debauchery with the opening of Bar Thirteen.

At Bar Thirteen, you can entertain yourself with an early 30’s kind of entertainment – jazz, mostly naked women, and barely legal booze. Lots of it. The décor of Bar Thirteen is even tailored to that type of atmosphere: we don’t care about anything matching, because we came here to have pure, drunken fun. At last!

So, instead of freezing to death upstairs at hoity-toity Perch, (the building’s rooftop bar/lounge, equally as cool as Bar Thirteen, just a little bourgeois) enjoy some of the city’s views one floor down, in a comfortably controlled climate. The dusty upright piano on a makeshift looking stage will remind you of an era when burlesque and dueling pianos reigned supreme in America, when people could finally drink in public again, but didn’t give up on the haphazard speakeasy vibe. It’s the type of bar that stands out among a sea of overdone speakeasies and industrial chic tomes, and it's a nice reprieve from your usual dive bar.

Sip on some of the bar's specialty gin cocktails, nibble at charcuterie plates, and listen to a diverse selection of jazz musicians while at Bar Thirteen. Who knows, you might spot a celebrity at this sort-of secret downtown hideaway, or catch a raucous Egyptian-themed dance party with wicked beats. You may even find yourself drunk enough to get up and dance along with the girls performing.

Bar Thirteen
448 S Hill St., 13th Fl
Los Angeles, CA 90013


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