Bayfest: Alabama's Biggest Music Festival

Photo Credit: Cat Sirten

Having grown substantially from a debut crowd of 50,000 in 1995, BayFest has become known as the biggest music festival in Alabama with a vast array of renowned musical talent that is suitable for the entire family. BayFest offers continuous music for every taste, including country, EDM, classic rock, alternative, pop, jazz, R&B, rap, gospel, modern rock and more. One of the festival’s stages, the Launching Pad, is specifically designed to spotlight local and regional talent and showcase acts who aspire for musical greatness. The event also includes a family activity area that has garnered rave reviews in and of itself.

2014 Dates

2014 Headliners

BayFest 2014 Lineup


For more info head over to BayFest's official website and check out the full list of fests in our Music Festivals Guide.

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