Best Tequila Bars in Los Angeles
Although LA was named after angels, this city could have just as easily been named after tequila. Close to Mexico in geography and spirit, Los Angeles loves its taco trucks and tequila bars.

True aficionados of tequila and mezcal know that there is much more to the agave-based liquor than a lime and a lick of salt. With hundreds of different smoky and smooth flavors to experience, this spirit is best sampled slowly and with the help of an expert.

For a tequila experience that goes far beyond the shot and leaves Jose Cuervo facedown in the dust behind you, head to one of these tequila bars – and welcome to adulthood.

-- By Shilo Urban

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El Carmen
Las Perlas Mezcal y Cerveza
La Sandia Cantina
L Scorpion
Agave Cantina