The Biergarten at The Standard

Just in time for the great season of beer, The Standard in Downtown has opened a new rooftop Biergarten complete with communal tables for over a hundred guests, German sausages --Currywurst, Weisswurst, and more!-- and of course, fine German draft beer including Bitburger Premium Pilsner, Licher, and Koestrzer Dark Bier served by girls straight from a St Pauli’s ad.

The authentic menu was carefully crafted by chef Kurt Gutenbrunner who also did the menu at The Standard's New York Biergarten and includes an array of authentic German treats to add to the selection of sausages. Highlights include gigantic pretzels, streudel, and a bunch of different salates for those watching their mid-section.

The garden itself is decked out in German-looking shrubbery with picnic tables and tons of umbrellas to block the sun when it gets too bright. If sun’s what you’re into though, fear not. The amazing rooftop pool ain’t going anywhere soon. And besides, it not like there’s anything there’s stopping you from grabbing a pint and a sausage, spreading out a towel, and soaking up some of that crisp LA heat. Just sayin.

Open every day from noon to 2am. $8 gets you in the door.

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