Burning Man
Burning Man is more of an art "event" than a music festival, but this week-long gathering hovers on the fissure where tomorrow's new sounds bubble up from the underground. The Burn isn't about headlining artists, but rather about highlighting the fact that each of us is an artist. Also, unlike "festivals", Burning Man does not provide a stage, there is no food being sold, no showers to clean yourself off, etc. Every single aspect of Black Rock City (it's home) is purchased, created, brought in, set up (and sometimes burned) by the participants.

It's not for the day tripper for sure but give in to it and you just might be blown away by what comes out. With a very limited number of tickets available and a massive amount of preparation necessary for all burners, you better start planning now if you hope to experience the adventure of a lifetime.


Where: Black Rock, NV

When: 8/30 - 9/7

Cost: $380+

2015 Headliners: TBD


Coming soon...


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