Credo Saves the Socially Awkward

Ever been on a date where you just couldn’t get a conversation going? Next time come to Credo, where the walls do all the talking for you. Or just stop dating lame people. Either way, Credo is definitely the new talk of the financial district. This fantastic new Italian gem prides itself on amazing food in addition to self sustainable architecture and design. Each wall is enveloped in quotes beginning with the phrase, “I believe”, which also is the Latin and Italian translation of “Credo”. According to Credo, “Our walls depict the universality of ideas, the clash of conflicting viewpoints and the democratic nature of discussion and debate.” If that doesn’t spark conversation between you and your date, then we don’t know what to say.

But, if there are still no words to be had, occupy your mouth by stuffing it with the Genovese pizza married with pesto, house-made mozzarella, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. Don’t forget to try out their Tuscan Hummus- the Chef’s version of white bean hummus accompanied by crispy rosemary focaccia bread served straight from their (sustainable) Woodstone oven. Lastly, the "Pera Cotta al Vino Rosso in Salsa di Nocciola Profumata Alla Canella" (breathe), which is a red wine-poached pear with hazelnut sauce and sprinkled with cinnamon, which will definitely win you a second date. End the night with a glass of their sweet selection of dessert wines, and you might just not be able to shut her up.

GetWize: Each table at Credo is a one-of-a-kind work of human hands, made of recycled wood scraps by Dutch craftsman Piet Hein Eek. (Although, you won’t be saying “Eek” when you see the beautiful details). Not only are you bettering yourself with good food, but you’ll be bettering the environment as well. Where else can you accomplish so much while stuffing yourself? Credo is located at 360 Pine street at Montgomery.