BANK Wednesdays at The Crocker Club
BANK Wednesdays at The Crocker Club

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in downtown Los Angeles these days, including the proliferation of upscale nightclubs tucked away in historic buildings – like The Crocker Club, for example. Once the home of the Crocker Citizen’s National Bank, The Crocker Club still retains some of that old-timey bank feel. Envision a bank at the turn of the century complete with mahogany wood, vaults with a classic lock the size of a tall man, and a maze of rooms in which people once locked away their moola. Now envision those architectural bones with a classy lounge skin and you’ve got The Crocker Club.

The days of Crocker Citizen’s National bank are long gone, but the proprietors of The Crocker Club are keeping the history alive with the newly scheduled and weekly performance entitled BANK Wednesdays. This specially designated night is dedicated to bringing Angelenos the best and brightest in house music and providing a no cover venue to dance away your mid-week blues. This week, the club will feature resident DJ David Delano, Christian Ten, Sonz of Jack, and special guest DJ EQ.

As always, cocktails will be plentiful and bottle service is available upon request. Hopefully, you didn’t plan on going to work the next morning because it is very likely you will be nursing a wicked hang over. Don’t forget to dress the part at The Crocker Club as the dress code is a stringent one, calling upon patrons to invoke some of that old world charm the lounge aligns itself with. The spinning starts promptly at 9pm and the party wont stop until 2am. Visit The Crocker Club’s website to reserve a table.

The Crocker Club
453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


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