How to Score with a Bartender - Part 2

Here we are, back at it again. You're sitting at the bar drooling over the guy serving you drinks and you don't know how to approach him. Listen up ladies, it's time to bring your A-game and give it your best shot. Like a mother saying goodbye to her daughter, we'll pack your lunch, but you have to get on the bus by yourself.

How to hook up with the help... For the Ladies:

It’s a lot easier for girls to bag the industry guys in some aspects, but not in all. In other words, the male bar staff are always available to mate, but not to date. First off, male cocktail servers are either waiting to bartend or they aren’t interested in the ladies. So let's stick to the bar.

Sure, you like that Tom Cruise guy with all the moves from Cocktails so you decide to leave him your number. Great. Now you’ve got to follow through. A number to a bartender is like a George Washington to a stripper - it ain’t gonna pay the bills and it ain't nothing new. If he calls be ready to act. Not to sound like a jerk, but a good bartender gets a lot of lipstick-kissed napkins.

If you work a regular job, be ready to have a good time and nothing else. He drinks, curses and probably doesn’t go to church. Unless you want to become an alcoholic and chase away his business don’t hang out at his bar everyday. Of course, if you’ve gotten the whole shagging thing out of the way, it’s probably okay. If you nail the staff don’t be the jealous type and over-analyze every girl he talks to. You have to understand, male bartenders work with attractive females that are usually single - or at least single-minded. Deal with it, it comes with the territory.

To get the guy you have to play it cool. If you're looking for a boyfriend, you have to differentiate yourself from a one night stand. Make him want to take you to the after hours spot he hits with his friends to unwind. Being sloppy drunk or desperate never works. To most guys, a drunk girl means it’s time to go in for the kill. To a bartender, a drunk girl is a pain in the ass. Bartenders handle their liquor better than any frat boy from your past, and they expect more out of you. Show that you can get along with his friends - especially the girls. Cocktail servers will judge the shit out of you until you prove yourself. But most girls do this, so it shouldn’t be anything new. If anything, industry folk just look out for one another.

If you win his co-worker friends over, you’ll have a road to his heart. But prepare yourself for late nights and devilish debauchery. Look forward to lavish spending followed by bouts of depleted cash depression. It’s a roller coaster ride set to the beat of Mickey Avalon's Mr. Right.

The moral of the story is this: the nightlife industry is a lifestyle choice and the people that work it are its guidance counselors. Sure, we can be PC and say all you need is a great personality and a cute grin but it doesn’t work that way. You need cold hard truths to pick up all those hotties faster than hundreds on Polk Street. Grab your Platinum Visa, some high powered mischief and a wink with a smile. Happy hunting. The truth is out there.

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