Bartender at Dram
Drop in at Dram

Only a few minutes walk from the JMZ Marcy stop, Dram offers the denizens of South Williamsburg a refined yet inviting place to enjoy some of the best cocktails on the Northside. We know what you’re probably thinking: Another bar in Williamsburg? And you’re right, this part of Brooklyn needs another bar like the 20 somethings getting off the L train need another tattoo.

Dram, however, holds its own. Other reviews, and even Dram’s own website, call this place a “tiki bar”. Based on the drink menu alone, which includes a good cross section of rum drinks - even a new take on the classic “Don The Beachcomber” - it is essentially a tiki bar. Walk inside, and you’ll think otherwise. Its clean yet inviting wood paneled interior, antique bar stools, and total absence of any Polynesian flourish is about as far as you can get from “tiki”. There is a beautiful kayak-inspired lamp hanging over the bar which serves as the only acknowledgement of any Pacific influence.

Dram tends to get crowded on weekends. If you are serious about your drink experience and want the full attention of their great bar tenders, which you will, go on a week night. Every cocktail they offer is incredible and expertly prepared, in part because they are so meticulous, even down to their homemade pomegranate grenadine.

GetWize: Located on 177 S. 4th St., Dram has a “speakeasy” exterior, and can prove difficult to find. Look sharp, it’s on the north side of the street between Roebling and Driggs. For more info and a full drink menu, click here.