The Edwardian Ball - Los Angeles
The Edwardian Ball Flies South

Literary nerds, take heed! One of the most beloved traditions from San Francisco is taking place in the southland on February 19th in the historic and newly remodeled Belasco Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles. What, pray tell is that? Why, The Edwardian Ball -- an event that pays homage to the macabre American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey, who had a penchant for all things nineteenth century.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend this extravagant affair at home in Los Angeles or made it up to San Francisco where the ball originated, then promptly locate that corset you have stashed away in your Halloween closet because you’re going to want tickets to this event.

Every year, attendees either throw together or meticulously plan their Victorian era costumes (Gorey was heavy into that era) and converge upon a venue for a night that embodies a dark carnival (no juggalos!), topped off with a live performance. This year, expect to see a show that blends music, dance, and circus theatrics, as the ball’s creator’s Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society bring Gorey’s work The Iron Tonic (Or, A Winter Afternoon in Lonely Valley) to life. Not only will you get to see a spectacular performance, but also hear DJs Xian (LADEAD) spin, check out Oddities & Wonders by Ben Burke, hang out inTall Paul’s Listening Lounge or the famous Vendor Bazaar & Gaming Parlour, and see a Fashion Show by S&G Clothing.

The Edwardian Ball is now an all-ages event and general admission tickets will cost you $42 a pop. VIP ticketing options are available, but on a very limited scale. From $300 - $800, you and up to nine others can enjoy the affair in a resplendent booth that includes the best views, table service, and optional bottle service packages. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit their website. Chances are you haven’t done anything cultural in a while (no judgments here), so why not make your annual cultural requirement a rad one?

The Edwardian Ball
The Belasco Theater
1050 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015


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