Eight Year Anniversary of Avalon Los Angeles With EDX
Eight Year Anniversary of Avalon with EDX

In the eight years since Avalon settled in Hollywood, well over two million clubbers and concert-goers have passed through the doors to shake their asses and experience the electronic joy pumped out by some of the world's top DJ's including Sasha, Erick Morillo, Damian Lazarus, John Digweed, Matthew Dear, and deep dish --all of whom have done residencies-- just to name a few.

Recently singled out by LA Weekly as "The Best Super Club in Los Angeles," Avalon continues to host some of the best Electronic acts in town and never fails to surprise with crisp sound --there's a reason Sasha and Digweed have recorded albums here-- and star-studded events featuring some of LA's craziest stars and the beautiful people they hang out with.

To celebrate eight years of totally ruling, Avalon brings us Avalon Forever, a night of sheer swanked-out partying featuring Italian artist, producer, DJ, and multi-talent EDX on the decks.

Check the video below to see how he rolls.