Fillmore Jazz Festival San Francisco
Groove at the Fillmore Jazz Festival this 4th of July

The Fillmore Jazz Festival is at it again this year bringing you one of the largest free jazz festivals on the West Coast, get ready to groove. The Fillmore Jazz Festival is taking over San Francisco's 4th of July Weekend; prepare for all the best with live jazz on three stages and global cuisine from the farthest reaches of Asia to the flavors of soulful New Orleans. Lucky for you this massive festival is taking place on Fillmore between Jackson and Eddy, so naturally there will be more to do than just listen and eat so make sure to dip into some amazing shops and great bars that this classic San Francisco neighborhood has to offer.

GetWize: The Fillmore Jazz Festival is one of the only street festivals in the city where you can drink: beer, wine, sangria and champagne literally on the street. Consider yourself warned, with all this amazing food, beverages and jazz you’ll be in no position to drive home; also live jazz will be playing on three different stages so be sure to keep it grooving down the street!

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