Franklin & Company Tavern Now Open
Franklin & Company Tavern Now Open

We interrupt your normally scheduled programming with a current update on all things gastropub, namely the opening of Franklin & Co. Tavern, a relatively new place to grub in Franklin Village. So, next time you decide to catch a show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade you’ll have another eating and drinking option before or after your dose of comedy.

Inhabiting the former home of Prizzi’s, owner Greg Morris has turned this space into cozy gastropub with twelve rotating beer tabs, comfort food bites, and seasonal cocktails. The food menu is broken into multiple categories and certainly has the culinary crowd abuzz with items like bleu cheese tater tots, Scotch Eggs and Jerk Chicken Kabobs to share with others, an assortment of appetizing sandwiches, Vegetarian Sherpherd’s Pie, and a desert menu that features sticky toffee pudding. Feel free to indulge both your sweet tooth and booze tooth with an Old Fashioned Milkshake – a milkshake that tastes like an Old Fashioned because it combines the magic of milkshakes with whiskey (thank heavens).

Or, if you’re lucky enough, you can wash all this goodness down with a pre-paid brew, compliments of a friend. You may be wondering, what does pre-paid brew mean? Well, apparently Franklin & Co. isn’t using their chalkboards strictly as décor. As a gift to a fellow beer aficionado and friend, you can pay for a beer in advance. The bartender will make note of the recipient on the wall, and when that person comes to collect, they’ll have a freshly poured pint waiting for them. That’s probably the best buddy system…ever.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, ring the bell at the bar and buy drinks for everyone in the room. You’ll probably become the most popular person on the block.

Franklin & Co. Tavern
5923 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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