Herakut live painting with Lucent Dossier Experience
Herakut Joins Lucent Dossier for LA Performances Feb 17-18

Herakut, the radical street art duo from Germany, are invading LA this month with their one-of-a-kind brand of graffiti and live painting performance. Beginning with a special two night presentation at downtown LA’s Palace Theatre, Herakut join the Do Lab and Lucent Dossier Experience for extraordinary evenings full of electronic music, captivating art and explorations into the unknown.

The twosome (Hera and Akut) explain their work as a combination of influences, using stories from each others’ lives to create unique pieces of visual art. Herakut blends abstract elements with realistic illustrations to create stunning and dramatic works that are both bizarre and beautiful. With live art performances around the world, dedicated gallery exhibitions, and the release of two published art books, Herakut’s influence on the world of street art and graffiti continues to expand.

If you’ve ever witnessed the Lucent Dossier Experience, then you might be able to imagine how a live painting presentation from Herakut would perfectly compliment LDE’s mystifying performances. Don’t miss your chance to be mesmerized by the Lucent Dossier Experience + Herakut on February 17th and February 18th at the Palace Theatre.

Herakut follow up their shows at the Palace with a one-night exposition of their work from “After the Light,” the duo’s most recent collection of published work. Mark your calendar for Herakut’s February 25th reception at Le Basse Projects exhibit in Chinatown and learn more about their work at: www.herakut.de.

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The Do Lab presents Lucent Dossier


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