Honor Bar, Emeryville, San Francisco
Got Honor? Grab A Beer!

No need to freak out anymore when your significant other starts whining about needing more crap from IKEA. Wandering the Swedish mega-mart will still suck, of course, but now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: Honor Bar Grill & Cocktails, a new craft cocktails meets gastropub spot in Emeryville from bar-manager Alex Smith (formerly of Gitane) and chef Jordan Grosser from Stag Dining Group.

After a long day pretending to be interested in Lincoln Log furniture, stroll into Honor Bar, grab a beer from the self-serve “honor bucket” by the front door, and then choose a stronger beverage to take off the lingering edge.

The cocktail menu at Honor Bar consists of a bunch of crazy-complex drinks with subversive names like The Black Sabbath (Laphroaig, Averna, absinthe, and orange bitters), The Guy Fawkes (gin, PX sherry, Montenegro amaro, maraschino, acid phosphate, and absinthe), and The Bleeding Monarch (Bourbon, Campari, Orgeat, passion fruit, balsamico amaro). By the time you’re done soaking all that up with short-rib sliders, Texas Mop short-end ribs, fried artichokes, or hand cut Kennebeck Fries you’ll be thanking your mate for another great trip across the bridge and plotting a return trip.

Bonus: Funky stuff on the wall, mid-century design elements, dark wood, and a vintage "Creature From The Black Lagoon" Pinball Table

Address: 1411 Powell St., at Hollis, Emeryville / Website

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