The Indispensable Guide to Curing a Hangover

If you can hardly open your eyes, if your head feels like the cast of Little People Big World is moshing in your brain, if it feels like the room is spinning faster then a whirling dervish on Adderall, then you my friend, are hungover. Never fear, as always, MetroWize has the cure for all your booze related mishaps and victories. Pour yourself a glass of water, pop a few aspirin and get ready for the MetroWize guide to Hangovers.

5. Responsible Drinking.
If we were responsible, we probably wouldn't be drinking. As you can tell, we don't take this one seriously. Just like those abstinence programs from your teenage years - this really doesn't apply to the typical MetroWize reader, natch. For legal reasons and to soothe our questionable morals we felt the need to at least mention it.

4. DayQuil and Pedalyte
Super drinking calls for super cures, in our case it's the one two punch of the Pedialyte and Dayquil that really knock over a good hangover. Hangovers for the most part are the direct result of dehydration. Pedialyte cures this in a big way. We think it's designed specifically for the drink column staff at MetroWize and they slapped on tags of Teddy Bears just to keep it safe for work. DayQuil is great because it knocks out the headache, kills the nausea and gives you some energy, enough to get you somewhat out of bed.

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And if you're more of a visual learner, check out this video:

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