jj LIVE at Helipad on 12 Feb

Hot on the heel of Asobi Seksu 4imaginaryboys presents jj, a little Swedish indie-pop duo making massive waves. The electropop darlings will be performing for one night only at Helipad (The Central) on Saturday, 12 February 2011 as part of their Asia tour. Made up of Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander, jj first emerged through in 2009 through Gothenburg indie label Sincerely Yours. As if being worthy of sharing a home with the likes of The Tough Alliance, Air France and The Honeydrips wasn’t enough proof of how awesome they are, their first pair of releases, the sequentially titled 7" jj Nº 1 and debut album jj Nº 2 put all doubts to rest.

Much like their labelmates, jj is kind of an enigma, all mysterious and elusive and hey, not that we mind. It’s refreshing to have a band let their music and art do the talking for once (Kanye take note). Their initial offerings perked up enough ears from enough influential places (the Pitchfork swoon and orgasm at their very mention apparently) to land them exposure in the States via the cutely named American label Secretly Canadian. Their third album entitled, what else, jj Nº 3 was released in March last year to even more resounding applause, if applause can be heard over the blogosphere. Here’s a little taste of what they sound like and once you fall in love with Elin’s alto, you’ll have no choice but come to Helipad to see them.

GetWize: Tickets for the Singapore show are available at SGD35 till 11 February 2011, and SGD45 at the door on 12 February 2011. Ticket sales are now available at http://4imaginaryboys.wordpress.com/ and LEFTFOOT CINELEISURE (cash mode only).