Mob Bar Las Vegas
Mob Bar

Las Vegas definitely has its share of mob history and is capitalizing on it with attractions like the Mob Experience at The Tropicana and the Mob Museum, which is set to open in downtown Las Vegas next year. But what’s even better is Mob Bar, a 1920s-themed saloon giving present day folks a taste of America's most notoriously dangerous and freewheelin’ era.

Mob Bar hosted its grand opening celebration on December 5 – the 78th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th Amendment outlawing alcohol. Perfect way to celebrate and pay tribute to the historic day, don’t you think?

Mob Bar, formerly the upscale lounge Sidebar on Third Street and Ogden Avenue, is modeled after a 1920s supper club with its gloomy and mysterious ambiance, which is awesome. But the coolest thing about Mob Bar is that the staff is decked out in mob gear too. And the food’s great. While sipping on mob-themed cocktails like Wise Guy and Tommy Gun, enjoy authentic Italian dishes like the Al Capone Braciole.

If you were a mobster’s back in the heyday, Mob Bar is where you would’ve hung out.

Check out Mob Bar's website for more details


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