Music Festival Essentials - The Packing List

Going to an outdoor camping festival like Coachella or Bonnaroo can be daunting, especially if it's your first time. However with a little planning and preparation, you can arrive with your worries laid to rest and your feet ready to dance on the greatest dance floor of all: Mother Earth. No club in the world can compare to connecting feet-first with the earth as music washes over you and thousands of other happy, dancing human beings.

The following packing list is comprehensive, which means this is all the stuff that you might need, though you probably won't need it all. While you never want to skimp on necessities like warm clothing and alcohol, bring only those things that you will really use.

PHONE + wall & car charger
ID + backup ID
Keys + backup car key kept in different place***
Cash - more than you think you will need
Credit card/Debit card for shopping or emergencies
Proof of health insurance
Tickets or printed email confirmation
Map or directions to venue!

Insect repellent
Sunglasses + backup pair
Prescription meds
Chapstick - for lips and for tent zipper lube
Watch - even if you never wear one, in case your phone dies
Flask filled with cognac, vodka or rum... mmmm
Sun hat
Deodorant - please!
First aid kit w/Ibuprofen, Imodium A-D, Bandaids for blisters, allergy meds, etc.
Tissues & Toilet Paper - don't ever count on a Port-O-Potty to have toilet paper!
Baby Wipes - lots. Package individually in Ziploc bags for trips to paperless/sinkless Port-O-Pottys
Glasses + Contacts + Extra contacts + Solution
Business cards
Flyers for your next party
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Grocery bags + large and small Ziploc bags
Beach towel for sunning
Ear plugs
Small container (like prescription bottle) for cigarette butts if you smoke
Head lamp or flashlight
Cup - large (for cocktails)
Water bottle
Frisbee - can play with it and use it as your plate
Fork & spoon or just SPORK IT
Pocket knife
Socks & underwear + several extra pairs extras
Hat + wool socks + gloves + warm jacket
Flip flops or sandals
Comfortable closed-toe shoes - 2 pair if you are clumsy and tend to fall into mud
Clothes - layers are always best.
Costumes - Festivals are the perfect excuse to wear all that really weird shit in your closet.
Rain gear [check the weather!]

Hammer/Mallet for tent stakes
Air mattress + pump or foam pad
Warm sleeping bag
Pillow + extra blanket(s) for tent - if you have extra room
Tarp(s) - for shade and/or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking
Shade structure/gazebo for shade & creating camp space
Ground blankets - that you don't mind ruining
Duct tape & superglue
Camp chairs, pillows, old rugs etc. for sitting
Camp table
Camp stove + pots/pans/cooking utensils if cooking
Solar camp shower if you are ritzy + biodegradable soap
Colorful wall hangings, bright sarongs, wind socks etc to hang - camp decor, get creative!
Paper clamps to hang stuff
Flag or camp marker
Lantern or other night time light source
Large black garbage bags for trash & recycling
Paper towels
Ice chests + ice
Plastic bin(s) to hold all of this
Eco-friendly dish soap
Water for cooking, cleaning up and splash baths
Pot for boiling water

Sandwich for day 1. You can eat half for lunch, half when you get hungry later.
Beer - more than you will think you need
Water - stash an extra gallon or so in your car for the ride home
Mixers - extra for plain drinking
Gatorade - it's got ELECTROLYTES!
Orange juice + sparkling wine for mimosa o'clock
Emergen-see and multivitamins - STAY HEALTHY SO YOU CAN PARTY MORE!
Granola Bars or Trail Mix
Starbucks Espresso One Shots - one for each morning
Candy, chocolate & gum
Group foods are fun! Think pita chips + hummus & cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, etc.
Instant foods are good too: garlic rice noodles or cinnamon oatmeal
► If you are doing heavy cooking, you will need many more cooking and meal supplies than are listed.

Camera + extra battery or video camera!
Day bag for carrying all this around
Hoola Hoops
Twirling stuff
Mullet wig
Water wings
LED toys
Parasols for the sun
Journal + pen + Sharpee marker
Fingerpaints, markers or crayons + note pads
Drum, guitar or zither
Face paint

Makeup - fun stuff like glitter & neon blue mascara
Makeup remover sheets
Face soap + Frisbee + Water = morning face wash
Small personal towel
Tweezers/Nail clippers
Hair brush + clips/rubber bands
Smell good stuff - water mixed with a few drops of coconut / peppermint oil in a sprayer works well
Sarongs - can be hung as decor, worn several ways and also used as ground cloth
Tampons etc.
Bikini - NEVER travel without a swimsuit!