North Park Music Thing

If you're like us and bummed off the fact that Street Scene isn't happening this year, maybe this will cheer you up - The North Park Music Thing will be taking over San Diego for a third year in a row, bringing you over 100 musical acts each night on 14 stages in the North Park, South Park, Normal Heights and in the Kensington area of San Diego!

Taking place on August 13th and 14th, the two day event will include a Music and Media conference held at the Lafayette Hotel where guests can attend workshops about the music business during panel discussions, workshops and demo review sessions. By attending these workshops, guests will be supporting the San Diego Music Foundation. All proceeds will go to the non-profit which focuses on things such as local musician assistance, music education, professional development and is responsible for throwing the annual San Diego Music Awards.

North Beach Music Thing Lineup:

Friday, August 13

THE WHISTLE STOP - Pussy Galore presents
Street Of Little Girls (San Diego)
Syndicate (San Diego)
Lights On (San Diego)
DJ Robin Roth (San Diego)

BAR PINK - FM 94/9 presents
Jamuel Saxon (San Diego)
Diablo Dimes (San Francisco)
Xmas Island (San Diego)
The Creepy Creeps (San Diego)
Dirty Sweet (San Diego)

THE OFFICE - Yelp presents
Neon Cough (San Diego)
Jhameel (San Francisco)
Helen Earth Band (San Diego)
DJ Beatnick and Mr. Mention (San Diego)

U31 - 91X presents
Writer (San Diego)
Tape Deck Mountain (San Diego)
Wires in the Walls (Los Angeles)
Maren Parusel (San Diego/Germany)
One Pin Short (Las Vegas)
The Silent Comedy (San Diego)

DJ Artistic
1st Round DJ Battle
Tezy (RCK)
Parker & the Nuberman
The Concrete Project
Dazer Uno
Lady Xplicit
Bboy Mafia
Deep Rooted
MC battle (open invite)

Beat Panther (San Diego)
Intergalactic Noise (Los Angeles)
Sister Crayon
Junior the Disco Punk (San Diego)

The Scarlet Furies (Los Angeles)
Jenna Bryson (Los Angeles)
Golden Red (San Diego)
Elaine Faye (San Diego)
John Meeks (San Diego)

Dreamboat (San Diego)
The Glossines (San Diego)
The Enlows (Sacramento)
Boats! (Sacramento)
Sunnyside (San Diego)

Images (Los Angeles)
Sleeplady (San Diego)
Spider Fever (San Diego)
Ghettoblaster (San Diego)
KATA (San Diego)

ELEVEN (formerly Radio Room) - presents
The Moviegoers (San Diego)
D/Wolves (San Diego)
Your Cannons (San Francisco)
Swim Party (San Diego)
Holy Rolling Empire (Tucson)
Boyscout (San Diego)

RUBY ROOM - San Diego CityBeat presents
The Fever Sleeves (San Diego)
The Dirges (Boston)
Lemon Sun (Los Angeles)
Kera & the Lesbians (San Marcos)
Circa Now (San Diego)

THE SUNSET TEMPLE - Radio Sophie and The Loft at UCSD presents
For Strangers and Wardens(San Diego)
Jake Newton (Los Angeles)
Roses Pawn Shop (Los Angeles)
Jesse Lamonica and the Dime Novels (San Diego)
Sara Petite (San Diego)
Audra Mae (Los Angeles)

CLAIRE DE LUNE COFFEE ROOM - KPRI Homegrown, Listen Local and The Troubadour presents
Dave Humphries (San Diego)
Christopher Dale (San Diego)
Christy Bruneau (San Diego)
Veronica May (San Diego)
Robin Henkel (San Diego)
Paulina Logan (Lods Angeles)
Chuck Schiele (San Diego)
Miss Erika Davies (San Diego)
Scott Wilson and the Complications (San Diego)
Suzy Skarulis (Encinitas)
Sven-Erik Seaholm (San Diego)
Brandon Rice (San Diego)
William Walter (Charlotsville, VA)

QUEEN BEE - Walk the Walk presents
Endoxi (San Diego)
The Lyon Crowns (San Diego)
The New Regime (San Diego)
Republic Of Letters (San Diego)
Dynamite Walls (San Diego)

Saturday, August 14

THE WHISTLE STOP - Single Screen Records presents
Illuminauts (DJ sets)
Little Deadman (San Diego)
Cuckoo Chaos (San Diego)
Booty Basement (San Diego)

BAR PINK - FM 94/9 Presents
Sunday Tymes (San Diego)
The Old In Out (San Diego)
The Dabbers (San Diego)
New Mexico (San Diego)

THE OFFICE - Yelp presents
Science Fiction (San Diego)
Wise Monkey (San Diego)
Pocket (San Diego)
Mindz Alike DJs (San Diego)

U31 - 91X presents
Hotel St. George (San Diego)
Mad Planet (Los Angeles)
Lion Cut (San Diego)
Hyena (San Diego)
Gaux Nu Vaux (San Diego)
Shark Attack (San Diego)
Spare Parts for Broken Hearts (Orange)
Secret Samurai (San Diego)
Cinderella Motel (Los Angeles)
Hocus (San Diego)
Lord Howler (San Diego)

DJ/MC Battle Round 2
Mike Czech (San Diego)

Shawn Rohlf & The 7th Day Buskers (San Diego)
Centerlight Pop (San Diego)
Little Hurricane (San Diego)
Gun Runner (San Diego)
The Displaced (San Diego)

El Monte Slim (San Diego)
Stephen Rey and the Slicks (San Diego)
Behind The Wagon (San Diego)
Desert Diamonds (San Diego)
Screamin' Yeehaws (San Diego)

SODA BAR - SESAC & Art Fag presents
DJ Mario Orduno (Art Fag Recordings / San Diego)
Sweaters (Los Angeles)
Ancient Crux (Murrieta, CA)
Heavy Hawaii (San Diego)
Abe Vigoda (Los Angeles)
Crocodiles DJ’s (San Diego)

ELEVEN (formerly Radio Room) - Alex's Bar Long Beach invades SD showcase
Los Mysteriosos (Long Beach)
Bella Novela (Long Beach)
Jungle Fever (San Diego)
A Scribe Amidst the Lions (San Diego)
Free Moral Agents (Long Beach)

RUBY ROOM - San Diego CityBeat presents
Greg Gibson (San Diego)
Chairs Missing (San Diego)
The Paragraphs (San Diego)
Long Live Logos (San Diego)
ACIDIC (Los Angeles)

THE SUNSET TEMPLE - Radio Sophie & The Loft at UCSD presents
Wendy Bailey & True Stories (San Diego)
The Makepeace Brothers (Los Angeles)
The Union Line (San Juan Capistrano)
Exene Cervenka (Orange County)
Lady Danville (Los Angeles)
The Tender Box (Los Angeles)

CLAIRE DE LUNE COFFEE ROOM - KPRI Homegrown,. Listen Local and The Troubadour present
Lindsey White Band (San Diego)
Delaney Gibson (Ventura)
Cathryn Beeks Ordeal (San Diego)
Astra Kelly (San Diego)

QUEEN BEE - Walk the Walk presents
Gregory Page (San Diego)
Arrows (San Diego)
The Drowning Men (San Diego)
The Burning of Rome (Oceanside)
Sleepwalkerz (San Diego)

GetWize: The North Park Music Thing will take place on August 13th and 14th. Tickets range from $19 - $34 and you can grab them here. Looking to see a few shows in one night? Hop on the shuttle that will be making stops between the venues.