Pancakes, Booze, and Art - Oct 21/22

Underground art shows are usually pretty cool, but sometimes you’re like “damn, somebody better get some friggin’ pancakes and zombies in here or I’m out.” Galleries --even the small hip ones-- can be a little stuffy is all we’re saying. But not The Pancake and Booze Art Show! You want pancakes? You got ‘em...for free! You want zombies? They got a whole zombie fashion show here. Add live music, erotic body art, plenty of booze, and new works from more than 75 underground/emerging artists and you’ve got one of the coolest events in the country.

And also one of the biggest.

Since it’s inception in LA in 2009, this word-of-mouth (and internet) art party has grown from a medium-sized bash into LA’s largest undeground art show with over 1700 guests raging in costumes, taking pics in the interactive photo booth, painting each other, and just generally enjoying the hell out of life. The party actually got so big and successful in LA that the organizers chose to take the show on the road and have been selling out warehouses and goat farms from here to San Francisco, Atlanta, and beyond.

Obviously, The Pancake and Booze Art Show is not your average gallery exhibit --it’s a giant two-day warehouse party with graffiti battles, naked art chicks, weird/amazing performance stuff, great music, lotsa booze, dancing, and.......pancakes!

Check the video below for an idea of what to expect

The Pancakes & Booze Art Show - Los Angeles, CA - SEPT.10.2010 from Tom Kirlin on Vimeo.