MetroWize Party Shots Guide
Party Shots: The Best Blackout Money Can Buy

When martini time has got you in a slump and your old local brewed IPA just isn't giving you that warm and fuzzy anymore, let MetroWize beat back your boozy doldrums with our list of the craziest, most deplorably wonderful alcoholic shots known to man - or at least to us. But be warned, these aren't your daddies shooters. So pop your shot glasses into overdrive, throw your car keys into the bay and prepare your liver for glory, this is the MetroWize guide to party shots.

The Backdraft
This shot will knock you on your ass and have you slack jawed and high-fiving the devil before you can say check please.

• 1 part Bacardi 151
• 1 part Grand Marnier
In a snifter glass, have the bartender or an ordained minister pour in a shot each of Bacardi 151 and Grand Marnier, then light that bad boy on fire.
Immediately lick the palm of your hand and slap it down against the liquid inferno, creating a seal with your flesh and the glass. Then - and this is important - move your hand and take the shot but be sure to cover the shot back up with your hand.
Fire - check. Booze - check. But let's push things forward and take a little overnighter into the abyss.
Move your hand and inhale the fumes from the snifter careful to place your hand over the glass between breaths. Then sit back and prepare to french kiss Trouble as you head off into the unknown.

The Mind-Eraser aka The Amazing Race
This isn't so much a shot as it is drinking rally. The thing that makes mind erasers great is that they're not incredibly potent, but they are a competition drink, hence the amazing race part of the name. Get a few of your friends gathered, each with their own Mind Eraser and, with the aid of a straw, race to see who can slurp this monstrosity down first. Last one to finish buys the next round.

In a pint glass, have the bartender pour in a shot of Kahlua and follow that up with about 1.5oz of vodka and top with ice and sprite. Do not mix the drink up or stir it around at all; it's supposed to be dark on the bottom and clear up toward the top.

Mexican submarine
This SOB will make even the coldest, foggiest days in the 'sco feel like your kicking it with Hagar in Cabo on Cinco de Mayo.

In a shot glass, have your bartender pour in a shot of reposado tequila plus 2 dashes of hot sauce
Then have them take the shot glass and place a pint glass upside down and over the tequila - it should look like a glass covering another glass
Then it gets technical
Flip the pint glass over so that the rim of the pint glass faces toward the sky and the shot glass is upside down
No tequila should leak out
After that, fill the pint with Tecate and a squeeze of lime and knock the whole thing back, just be careful the shot glass doesn't hit your teeth
It should be beer followed by a tequila shot.
Adios Mio.

The Money Shot
If you have the Internet, you probably know what the title suggests, so lets just get down to the nitty gritty.

Have a shot glass filled almost but not to the brim with Amaretto, then pour some 151 on top of that. The next step makes it a great gag shot -
In a separate glass, pour 0.01 oz of Bailey's Irish Cream. With a straw pick up some of the Bailey's and use the straw like a dropper and drop three squirts into the shot glass. Drink two money shots and question your sexuality in the morning.

The Tequila Popper
Have you ever heard the quote, "Alcohol: the cause and solution to all life's problems"? Its been uttered in earnest by many a MetroWize writer and the drink that's about to be described is a good reason why.

Take a big shot glass and fill it halfway with tequila, then pour in a splash of Kahlua and a splash of ginger ale. Then, on a padded surface, slam it down hard and shoot it.

Le Horniet
You didn't think we were going to leave either Fernet or Chartreuse off the list did you? We don't even know if the world's ready for this one yet. Be forewarned: this is a guaranteed party animal overdrive hardcore shot. It will turn you into a sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Take a shot glass and fill it 3/4 of the way with green chartreuse. Then, slowly fill the rest of the shot glass with Fernet Branca.
It should be green on bottom and black on top.
Shoot it, look around and thump your chest. Shoot another one and slap death on the ass.

Dean Martin once said, "I pity people who don't drink - when they wake up in the morning that's the best their going to feel all day"
Wear your hangover with pride, drop some Visine, rehydrate and go back to that 9-5 with war stories. You've earned them.