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San Francisco Neighborhoods Guide: Polk Gulch

Polk Gulch
By Ashanya Indralingam

In a city that prides itself on association by place of residence, Polk St bucks the trend. Fresh-eyed college grads in Greek insignia cross paths with the decked-out transgender crowd, real estate varies on a block-by-block basis and the weather changes drastically from one intersection to the next.

Polk runs the geographical gamut of the city, from the sketchiest reaches of the Tenderloin, through much of the upward trending Lower Nob and on into gentrified Russian Hill.

At its heart is the Polk Gulch area, a 1 mile stretch that boasts the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the city, with a lively scene that is frequented by both locals and the tourists who come looking to be seduced by San Francisco.

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