So You Think You Can Paint? at Club Six San Francisco
So You Think You Can Paint?

If a blank wall, endless amount of paint, and tons of artistic possibility are your idea of expression, just mix in cheap drinks and a shake of fantastic music and you have one of the moat creative events gaining traction on the art show scene. This Thursday marks the latest installment of So You Think You Can Paint? hosted by Club Six in SOMA. The idea behind this hands-on experience is to complete as many eight-foot paintings by as many people possible from 6PM to 11PM. The event is always free, and bargain drink specials include $3 beers and $5 mixed drink specials to get you painting and a little loose. This Thursday's event also includes free food from Ike's Place, which should be used with caution -- one heart stopping bite may keep you from painting at all. Having a problem getting inspired, or not sure where to start with a brush? Get there early to pow wow with resident artist NoMe Edonna, who is known for his fantastic fantasy and portrait paintings. He will be offering live lessons at the event from 6pm to 7pm.

Club Six, which is a three story party venue, was voted Best Hip Hop Club in 2011 by readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The event, which was originally comprised as a one-time installation for SOMA's annual 2 Blocks of Art walk, was so popular among artists and amateurs that is has now become a weekly night at Club Six. A month into its induction has shown great turnouts and flowing walls of all the attendees’ intersecting creations. Whether you're trained, training or simply an on-looker, all art enthusiasts are invited to take part in this unique party.



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