SPF Beach Club
SPF Beach Club Grand Opening: Swim, Play, Flirt

The Tropicana is starting the year off right, first with the premier grand opening of RPM Nightclub, the hottest new nightclub to grace the Las Vegas Strip and now with SPF Beach Club which will make its pool season debut in March.

Some of you maybe wondering what’s behind the name? Well, according to the Tropicana’s web site, SPF is not an abbreviation and it does not necessarily stand for anything. SPF can be simply described as: Swim. Play. Flirt. Talk about creativity right?

Get ready for the next generation of Las Vegas pool parties, as SPF will elevate the day-life experience to the next level. Spend your weekends soaking up the sun, sipping on the specialty cocktails and relaxing in a comfortable cabana all while dancing to sounds by some of biggest DJs and hottest performers.

SPF Beach Club
Tropicana Hotel
3801 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV


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