The Standard Hotel Beer Garden
Standard Hotel's New Addition: The Biergarten

While it is almost certain that the Standard Hotel’s Biergarten (aka beer garden) will be the target of some ghastly reviews (to be expected of most new hot spots), we quite liked the place.

Because the bar is basically an appendage, albeit a trendy one, of the Standard Hotel, it is easy to see why the place was so packed. Strangely positioned ping pong tables and loads of excited, beer-guzzling yuppies make for some pretty fascinating people-watching. The main attractions, however, are the beer and German sausages; both perfectly adequate for thirsty and hungry patrons.

It's slightly endearing that the Standard would risk its exclusivity on a biergarten of all things, but the place was filled with the pretty people you would expect to see hanging out at The Standard along with fast and hospitable bartenders. Maybe the best thing about all Standard Hotels is their seemingly never-ending quest to do something completely different and unexpected. Oh, and the view under the High Line? Intriguing.

GetWize: The cheap white plastic furniture, pretzel wenches and ping pong table might make you think you are at some dive bar with cheap drinks on the menu, but think again friends... It's still The Standard and the $12 martini and $6 bottled beer applies here just like any other trendy spot in the city...

Location: 848 Washington Street
Neighborhood: West Village, Meat-Packing District


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