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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But there's still stuff to do around the city that doesn't involve stuffing your face with red and green cookies and drinking all the eggnog. Especially if you still haven't put away the menorah.
Brooklyn heats Saturday night up with a wave of synths and a cookie takedown. Get your last-minute shop on with our holiday guide or sing along with Cartman. And if food's what your fancying, try some new East Village Cuban grub or nab some short ribs in an old pawn shop-turned-lounge.
3rd Annual BK Electronic Music Fest
Come Saturday night, the electro kids are taking over Brooklyn at the annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest. From up-and-comers to household names, DJ and producers alike, check out 25 national and local acts.
As Hanukkah winds down, the Major League Dreidel folks heat things up.  Forgo that reindeer sweater for some new Williamsburg threads, dance to Daft Punk, and get your gastropub cinema on.
New York Music This Month: December 2010
Looking to make plans around the holidays? If music's what you into - you're in luck. On the menu for December 2010: Full album performances, the latest British buzz-band, trip hop collaborators, the return of Prince and more.
Coming up this week: celebrate Hanukkah with a hearty combination of latkes and beer, unleash your inner Kanye, lay down in a sonic bed, and top it all off with mobile falafel and...rectangular pizza?
New York Holiday Shopping 2010
Sure, New York is packed full of your expected holiday shopping options, but what if you wanted to steer clear of 5th Avenue and get a little more off the grid? Lucky for you, MetroWize has pulled together some of the best pop-up shops, craftaculars and holiday markets to help you find your loved ones a little something extra special.
This week's agenda?  Step 1: Stuff your face with turkey. Step 2: Drink lots of wine. Step 3: Avoid the family for the rest of the weekend with one of these events. 
HARD NYC Turkey Soup 2011
After an entire Thanksgiving day with your family getting drunk on wine and asking embarrassing questions, you're gonna be in the market for a breather. So wipe the gravy off your paws and get stoked on dancing off those dead bird calories at Terminal 5 for Hard NYC Turkey Soup.
Things are starting to wind down for the Thanksgiving holiday (five bucks says you're reading this instead of working), but this week in New York there's some new food in the hood, holiday pop-up shopping, 900 types of beer, and a celebration of the Boy Who Lived. 
Whether you're looking to party with Metric, sneak into the basement of the ol' CBGB, or grab one of a thousand slices being given away for free this week - MetroWize has your party, hunger and music needs quenched.
Social-ism Party at Le Poisson Rouge
Sometimes, getting music fans to mingle and play nice is like trying to get the middle school boys to dance with the girls.  It just ain't gonna happen.  But as Marty McFly once proved, things can always change.  
Sausage and Beer Festival NYC
We say Tour de France, you say... muscle-y bicyclists and Lance Armstrong? Not this time. Welcome to the Tour de France NYC's 14th annual Sausage & Beer festival!
Sideshows NYC
You may've seen a big circus tent up in Damrosch Park lately...but don't worry, it's not full of evil clowns (at least we don't think so).
This week, heavy metal hamburgers, fancy schmancy Italian fare, a CMJ alternative, arty YouTube vids, and a punk rock Halloween smorgasbord await you on the streets of New York...
New York's MPD
Greasy pizza? Eff that noise. Drunk truffle tater-tots, strip steak and champagne showers are where it's at, yo.
Whether you're in the mood to deck out as a downtown zombie, sneak your way into the ultimate music biz gathering, shop around for the latest fashion, art and design, or just chow down on some mobiule BBQ - we've got the best of what New York's offering up this week!
CMJ is almost upon us! We know it's hard to separate all the wolf / eyes / bear / tree bands, so here's our take on the highlights so far.
Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub
All dressed up and nowhere to go? The Tao Group has you covered, bringing the LAVO New York experience all the way from Sin City.
Kick off the month of October by treating your palate to some bbq, pizza, Mex fare and meaty meat - then wash it all down with hearty beers at Oktoberfest. For the musically inclined, pick up some new vinyl and head to Central Park for Lennon's 70th birthday. And come nightfall, see what Underground Rebel Bingo is all about...
New York Halloween Parties and Events 2010
Halloween in New York is always an epic affair. Between decked-out haunted houses, over-the-top parties, masked pub crawls, extravagant costumes and - of course - the Village Halloween Parade, there's never a lack of parties or events to attend. Here's our guide to the best of the best for New York's 2010 Halloween.
Looking for something a little different? This week is packed with Brooklyn's thriftiest shopping scene, the Downtown art scene, the newest bars and burgers, 90s TV Parties and a whole lot more.
improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment
From the people behind those no pants subway rides and impromptu musicals that freak out all the tourists comes MP3 Experiment #7.
An East Village bar plying dark spirits, a burger joint worth mentioning, the Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz and NY Beer Crawl collide, and three prestigious film and TV festivals hit town this week
Music Hall of Williamsburg
If the phrase "Fall lineup" gets you in the mood for loud guitars, tight pants, and drunk girls spilling beer on your new kicks - hop on your fixie (or the L, whichever works) and mosey over to the Music Hall of Williamsburg (replacement kicks not included).