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MetroWize maintains a selective advertiser and client base in order to deliver high quality email content to the urban connoisseur. In short if it’s not interesting, we won’t send it out.

Since 2007 we have put on over 200 FREE private parties around the country at some of the county’s most highly regarded, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, breweries and live music venues. We’ve given away thousands of festival and concert tickets, and partnered with some of the biggest concert promoters nationwide.

There are no fees or monthly subscriptions, we don’t spam, sell you out, or get weird, we just send you cool things to do in your city from time to time. Over the last 9 years, we’ve quietly grown into a word-of-mouth community of over 100,000 people nationwide. If you found this page, today’s your lucky day. Sign up for free and keep an eye on your inbox!


MetroWize offices are located in the heart of the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco. For over a decade, we’ve worked with clients in the Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

In 2016, we have expanded operations, building up our second office in Minneapolis, extending our “boots on the ground” to cover national programs and work with local businesses throughout the Midwest.

111 New Montgomery Street, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94105

Call: 415-243-0802